• In the low linepull range the unit has a maximum continuous linepull of 20,000 lbs. and a maximum speed of 50 fpm.
  • In the high speed range the unit has a maximum continuous linepull of 6,000 lbs. and a maximum speed of 100 fpm.
  • In either speed range the linespeed is infinitely variable from 0 to maximum.
  • The speed control provides excellent inching capability throughout all linepull settings.

Bullwheel Drive System

  • Hydrostatic drive with a gear pump and a two speed hydraulic motor.
  • Infinite speed control in either direction.
  • Two bullwheels each with 5 grooves and 12-inch pitch diameter.

Storage Reel

  • Chain-driven to automatically take up and payout the pulling cable when the bullwheel drive is operated.
  • Will hold 3,000' of 5/8-inch (16mm) diameter rotation resistant wire rope.

Automatic Levelwind

  • Diamond leadscrew automatic levelwind provided for even winding of the pulling rope onto the storage reel.
  • The levelwind is driven from the storage reel and automatically traverses as the reel turns.

Cable Exit Fairlead

  • A 10-inch swiveling rear fairlead sheave is provided to guide the pulling rope into the machine. The sheave pivots through 360 degrees.

Cable Payout System

  • Cable payout is on demand with the bullwheel drive system feeding the pulling rope when any load in excess of 1 lb. is placed on the cable.

Remote Emergency Stop Button

  • The unit is equipped with an emergency stop button on a 20-foot long pendant cord. In the event the button is depressed all pulling will stop. To start the pull again, from neutral, a reset button located at the control console must be engaged.

Instruments and Controls

  • Control lever for pull in, neutral, payout and speed.
  • Dynamometer gauge calibrated in lbs. of linepull with an adjustable overload cut-off which will automatically stop the pull if the preset maximum linepull is reached.
  • Electronic digital distance indicator which reads the footage of pulling rope in either pull in or pay out.
  • High / Low speed pulling control switch.
  • Receptacle for attaching remote emergency stop pendant control.


  • The unit is sandblasted, primed and painted with two coats of finish paint. 


  • 9/16" x 2,000' ASM-DPX 115-DPX Wire Rope, 44,600 lbs. breaking Strength

Change in Specification:

Design and improvement of Timberland’s products is a continuous process; we therefore reserve the right to make design improvements differing from this specification after receipt of an order, however, any major changes will be confirmed in writing. Because of our continuous improvement efforts there is also no guarantee by Timberland Equipment that the equipment quoted per this specification will be identical to any equipment supplied on previous orders even if the model number is the same.

UP200 Underground Puller