Kelly Slater Wave Pool

2 x 3000 HP Winches with Control

In 2005, Kelly Slater, an eleven-time world surf league champion, had a dream to build a wave pool for surfing competitions and practice.

That dream became a reality in December 2015 when Kelly surfed the wave in his first pond in California.  Timberland supplied equipment to pull a foil creating a perfectly shaped wave in the 1200 ft long surf section of the approximately 2500 ft long pond.  Slater commented that his legs were getting tired because real waves don’t last that long!

“The Wave Pool was a ten-year ‘experiment’ to create the perfect inland wave situated in inland California. Kelly modeled the wave after a combination of Lower Trestles, California, a tubing wave on Oahu, Hawaii, and a secret right in Micronesia in the Marshall Islands. The project was a success and the surfing world was abuzz with the possibilities, mostly due to the wave’s perfect shape and speed.” – Wikipedia