The ‘Weasel’ drilling unit is extremely compact, highly maneuverable, and ruggedly built to go into areas that require a remote-controlled vehicle.

Where a work area cannot be seen, the Weasel operator is able to observe and direct the drilling unit’s operation from a safe distance through the use of a video camera. It can also direct the drilling unit to drill standard holes, then remotely load explosives with a detonator, ready for secondary blasting.



Ram Weasel

Standard Features
• Rugged Four Wheel Drive, Skid Steer Carrier
• Vane Air Motor Wheel Drives Through Reducers
• Air Lubricators
• Reversible Air Motors Drive The Hydraulic Pump And Alternator
• Jack Leg Drill With Pneumatic Drill Steel Locking Device
• Screw Feed Complete With Centralizer
• Hydraulic Power For Drill Boom Complete With Hydraulic Tank And Oil Return Lines
• Heavy Duty Alternator, Battery And Sealed Beam Lights For High Visibility
• 12 V Interface Kit
• Tow Hooks at Each End for Multiple Use Such as Remote Recovery
• 10:00 x 16.5—10 Ply Pneumatic Tires

Technical Specifications

Unit Description
• The Weasel is extremely compact, high maneuver able and ruggedly built to go into areas that require
a remote-controlled vehicle. An operator from a distance can direct the Weasel to drill oversize muck, and then remotely load explosives with detonator for secondary blasting.

Drive Train
• Rugged four-wheel drive, skid steer carrier
• Vane air motor drives wheels through reducers
• 10:00 x 16.5-10 ply pneumatic tires

Drill System
• Reversible air motors drive the hydraulic pump and alternator
• Jack leg drill with pneumatic drill steel locking device
• Screw feed complete with centralizer
• Hydraulic power for drill boom complete with hydraulic tank and oil return lines

• Heavy duty alternator, battery and sealed beam lights for high visibility
• 24 Volt interface kit

General Features
• Tow hooks at each end for multiple use such as remote recovery
• Mine air supply required is minimum 700CFM at 90 PSI for driving (approximately 300CFM at 90 PSI is required when the vehicle is drilling when stationary).
• Air lubricators
• Radio remote control with battery charger
o Dual camera system