The Timberland Model T100/60 Bullwheel tensioner is designed to install single conductor or Fiber Optic Groundwire on transmission lines. Elastomer lined bullwheels with 1.875” grooves can handle conductors up to 1590 ACSR and provide protection to delicate fi ber cables. The bullwheels are tilted for groove alignment to eliminate any twisting being imposed on the cable. The lining segments are bolted on for easy replacement in case they are worn or damaged.

Each bullwheel has a 36” diameter bronze disc brake and hydraulic actuated caliper to apply tension to the conductor. Precise control of the tension is achieved by the operator with an actuator incorporating an anti-surge accumulator. The operator can monitor the tension and make precise adjustments using the pressure gauge and tension chart. By using hydraulic braking from a single control the tension is evenly distributed between the two bullwheels.

A 3-roller tail fairlead with urethane lined rollers ensures that the conductor is guided from the reel stand or carrier into the first groove of the bullwheel.

• Precise hydraulic control with anti-surge accumulator.
• Tilted bullwheels to reduce cable twist.
• 36” bronze disc brakes.
• Central elevated operators panel with tension chart.
• 3 Roller tail fairlead.
• Tandem axle trailer with electric brakes.
• Front and rear drop-leg jacks.
• Tie down lugs.

• Maximum continuous tension: 10,000 lbs. @ 4 MPH
• Bullwheel Diameter: 60 inches
• Groove Diameter: 1.875 inches
• Number of grooves: 5 per bullwheel

• Unit Length: 15’-6”
• Unit Width: 7’-5”
• Unit Height: 9’-8” to the top of the fairlead
• Unit Weight: 6,500 lbs (approx.)

T100/60 BW Bullwheel Tensioner