The DP-20-4E is a versatile, all electric four drum-puller designed for medium distribution stringing. It can also be used as a pilot line winder for heavier distribution. Power is transmitted from the engine to the reels through a common electric drive train. A diamond leadscrew levelwind, accommodating one reel at a time, aids in an even wrap during pulling.

Each reel is equipped with a mechanical clutch to allow selective reel rotation and a mechanical brake to retard overspin. The maximum desired linepull can be preset prior to pulling so that the reel drive will stall if a restriction to the line occurs avoiding damage to the conductor, towers and hardware.

The central operator’s console allows the operator to completely control the pulling operation with optimum visibilty of the pulling rope. Operator controls include linepull, linespeed, holding brake and engine controls.


• 2,000 lb. linepull capacity on single full drum of rope
• Four pulling reels, each with a capacity for 6,000’ of 1/2” diameter rope
• Single axle with leaf spring suspension
• Variable linespeed and linepull control
• Mechanical clutch and mechanical bronze brake for each reel
• Central operator’s position for maximum safety and visibility
• Deluxe, adjustable operator’s seat and protective screen
• Engraved operator’s console
• Swing out automatic diamond leadscrew levelwind, adjustable for individual use with all four reels
• Steel lockable battery box
• Front and rear drop leg mechanical jacks


• Additional swing out automatic levelwind
• Lockable console cover
• Electric front and/or rear jacks


• Length: 15’
• Width: 8’
• Height: 6’-4 “
• Weight: 7,820 lbs. (with rope)