Amusement & Theatrical Stage Lift Systems

300,000 Stage-Lift Gantry

No challenge is too great for Timberland to bring the creative vision of our customers to life. Our under-one-roof capability is the ideal venue for developing one-of-a-kind solutions for any requirement. Timberland will match your service needs, whether you need complete engineering to testing support or simply fabrication and testing.

In 2003 Timberland Equipment Limited engineered a 300,000 lbs. stage-lift gantry crane to move the stage deck which has performers running across, up, and down the stage as it moves, tilts and lifts during the Cirque du Soleil – Kà production at the MGN Grand in Las Vegas, NV.

 is a show by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand in Las VegasNevada describes the story as “the coming of age of a young man and a young woman through their encounters with love, conflict and the duality of , the fire that can unite or separate, destroy or illuminate.”

In its review, the Los Angeles Times stated it “may well be the most lavish production in the history of Western theater. It is surely the most technologically advanced. The New York Times highly praised all the technical aspects and costumes, but felt that it did not succeed in a particularly compelling story, rather it was “essentially about the kind of wild physical feats that all Cirque shows are about, their jaw-dropping effect multiplied by the huge dimensions of the theatrical space. The show has been seen by more than one million spectators since its opening in February 2005.”   Courtesy of Wikipedia.