Engineering success in heavy construction

Timberland Equipment is a strategic partner in many of the world’s largest and most challenging construction projects, delivering engineered projects that increase efficiency and dependability while reducing risk for contractors and investors.

This included:
• 8 x 75 Ton Traction Winche
• 8 x Reel Winders
• 32 x Slewing Trucks
• 4 x Load Blocks
• 2 x Tension Tie Tops
• 4 x 950 h.p. HPU’s with synchronized control system

6800 Tonne Super Crane - Heavy Lift Derrick Hoist
Project: To construct the Summer Nuclear Generation Station for South Carolina Electric & Gas, Bigge Power Construction allied with Timberland to build the largest-ever ringer derrick of its type. Timberland provided complete hoist and control systems for each of Bigge’s two 6800 tonne derricks. Each system included four 75-ton traction winches with reel winders and four high-capacity diesel powered hydraulic power units with a synchronized PLC control system.
Challenge: To lift and place the new station’s main module, all 8 hoists required precise synchronization through Timberland’s proprietary PLC program.
Success: The placement was executed efficiently in 2013. The Timberland system was able to ensure safe, evenly distributed loading of the boom structure throughout the lifts.

This included:
• 35-ton Derrick
• Double Drum Hoist

World Trade Center: 35-ton Derrick and Double Drum Hoist
Project: As the new World Trade Center neared completion, Timberland supplied a derrick and hoist to perform the required pick and lowering of the tower crane used throughout its construction. The equipment from Timberland included a 35-ton derrick and a double-drum hoist using 1″ (32 mm) wire rope.
Challenge: The World Trade Center is the tallest building in the western hemisphere. Working at an elevation of 488 m (1,600 ft), the top deck is the equivalent of 110 stories up. The big crane’s 160-foot long boom was the first piece our system lowered to ground level.
Success: The dismantling project was completed smoothly, without any incidents. A passing electrical storm caused a component malfunction that was quickly addressed by a Timberland service technician who attended the site quickly to correct the issue.

This included:
• 35-Ton Derrick
• Triple Drum Hoist

432 Park Avenue Condominium Tower
Project: On completion of the erection of this exclusive residential project in New York City, Able Rigging required a 35-ton stiffleg derrick and triple drum hoist package to dismantle the tower crane.
Challenge: At 89 floors and 1936 ft. (590 m) in height, 432 Park Avenue is the second-tallest building in New York City and the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere.

Success: The portable design was easily taken up the building and assembled on the roof. Its compact design fit well on the crowded roof top. The entire lift went safely and smoothly.