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Rope tensioning system for high-altitude mine

Rope tensioning system for high-altitude mine


Minera Milpo, in Peru, recognized the need for proper rope tensioning procedures to operate with higher capacity hoisting, higher speed processes and larger rope sizes at its new mine sites. Timberland Equipment designed and produced a tensioning system to unwind wire rope from the reel and develop tension of up to 20-ton through large-diameter traction bullwheels. The rope is wound onto the drum of the hoist at a desired tension to prevent rope damage and increase rope wear performance.


The new Minera Milpo mine is operating at high altitude, 4000m above sea level. Its very remote location accentuates the critical need for reliability in its equipment. Ease of use and multi-language support were also significant factors for the customer.


The Timberland tensioning system offers rugged structural construction for durability. Our chain drive design is a field-proven method that makes allowance for the frame flexing that is commonly occurs in mining installations. All motors and cooling systems were sized to meet the requirements of high altitude operation.

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