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Gumusut Semisubmersible FPU mooring system

Gumusut Semisubmersible FPU mooring system


With a production capacity of 135,000 bbl/d, the Shell Gumusut FPU is the first deep-water semi-submersible production system operating in Malaysia’s Gumusut-Kakap field.

Timberland Equipment was contracted to supply the complete 127mm mooring system. Components of the system designed and manufactured by Timberland included twelve 127mm deflector wheels; cruciforms and chain stoppers with load monitoring along with four 4400 kN (450 Te) movable chain jacks with hydraulic power units, operator control stations and gantry systems.


The design of the FPU imposed very confined space restraints for integrating the mooring system and its control components. The complete package is designed to perform for the 30-year life expectancy of the platform.


Timberland’s state-of-the-art controls and monitoring package provide the customer with system monitoring as well as load monitoring on each mooring leg. The hydraulic system is equipped with a 2 X 50% redundancy on both the main hydraulic pumps as well as the cooling circuit. All the controls are Zone 2 rated to either IEC or ATEX.

Timberland provided the above equipment with a successful FAT. The equipment is running extremely well and meets all customer expectations, achieving an average chain speed of 1.2 meter per minute. Mooring of the Gumusut FPU was completed in just 11 days. The package has been certified by Lloyd’s.

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