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Emergency Egress System for the Huainan Mining

Emergency Egress System for the Huainan Mining


Timberland Equipment was asked to supply a mobile MRH personnel hoist to the Huainan Mining (Group) Co. Ltd for emergency maintenance of a mine shaft up to 1100 m deep at the Zhangji Mine in Anhui Province, China. The 1500 kg capacity system was entirely mounted on an International truck with a telescoping boom, diesel HPU, and hoist with wire rope installed on the drum and man cage, operated by a wireless radio communication system.


Water leaks had been discovered in one of the mine’s ventilation shafts at depth of approximately 200 m during its start up and commissioning. The moble emergency hoist was needed to send people and materials into the shaft for emergency inspection and repair. Conventional winches could only descend at a maximum speed of 6 m/min, too slow for emergency response. Timberland’s MRH (Mine Rescue Hoist) system allows much faster descents for improved safety.


The problem was fixed within a short time with support from Timberland’s truck mounted MRH. The hoist was able to set up immediately on site and the cage entered into the shaft very smoothly to inspect the leaking points. This system achieves descent speeds as rapid a 60 m/min, allowing very rapid response. The crew inside the cage said it entered into the shaft very smoothly without any swing. The cage was turning only a little bit (less than half circle) without using the guiding device after traveling 200 m in the shaft. This system provides an efficient and safe means of emergency egress from the underground mine for personnel working in a dangerous environment.

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