Deflector Sheaves For Offshore Vessels

Timberland Equipment has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of standard and custom sheave packages for the offshore mooring and riser pull-in applications. Past projects have ranged from a standard over-deck flagging sheave to custom engineered sheave assemblies tailored to the customers’ specification.

A few of our products are highlighted below. Contact us for your specific needs.


Vertical Sheave

Vertical Sheave Assembly

Timberland provides a variety of vertical sheave packages ranging in size from 5 to 500 Te capacity, matched to the rope size and required D:d ratio. The sheave can also be supplied with optional load monitoring in the shaft.

Horizontal Sheave

Horizontal Sheave Assembly

Timberland horizontal sheave packages are custom designed to meet the customers’ requirements. The sheave can be supplied complete with base structure or as just the sheave and support frame.

Flagging Sheave

Flagging Sheave Assembly

Timberland flagging sheaves are in service in applications ranging from custom riser pull-in packages to wire rope fairleads.

Custom Sheave

Custom Sheave Assembly

Timberland will undertake complete design and production of custom sheave packages to meet your unique offshore requirements. This 450 Te flagging deck sheave, designed to accept two different wire rope sizes on a pipe-laying vessel, is just one example of our engineering flexibility.