Deck Stoppers For Offshore Vessels

Timberland Equipment has provided deck stoppers offshore mooring systems in service worldwide. Each deck stopper assembly is engineered to withstand the full MBL of the mooring system’s project chain. Load monitoring is available as an option on these stopper assemblies to provide mooring chain tension data to the vessel’s control system.

A few of our products are highlighted below. Contact us for your specific needs.


Mooring Porch Stopper

Mooring Porch – Deck Stopper

Timberland has delivered engineered deck stoppers as part of our spread mooring packages. The deck stoppers are designed to match the chain size and grade and to handle the full MBL load of the project chain. These stopper assemblies come complete with load monitoring systems.

Boarding Chute Stopper

Over-Boarding Chute – Deck Stopper

Timberland also provides deck stoppers with over-boarding chutes. These mooring systems are typically used in shallower water in a spread mooring arrangement.