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Mobile Minejack® Shotcrete Utility Vehicles

Marcotte wet shotcrete haulers have been designed with high speed powertrains to move the wet shotcrete to the production face in minimal time.

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The universal platform for today’s most successful underground utility vehicles

Your vehicles can be designed with the wet drum and dry bin capacities you need to suit the required volume of shotcrete you transport at one time.

The carrying capacity of the drum can be designed to suit the required volume of shotcrete to be transported in a specific time. Models have also been designed to meet smaller drift dimensions. With the versatility to carry wet or dry mix and spray with the same unit, our haulers reduce the capital cost of your shotcrete fleet.

The front and rear frame weldments of both our wet and dry shotcrete haulers and combination hauler / sprayers are covered by our 8 year warranty against manufacturing or design defects.

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