Evolutional Multi-Minejack – All In One Utility Vehicle

The Multi-Minejack is an evolutionary carrier with the highest level of versatility and best utilization potential of any utility vehicle in the industry. With this design, a single all-in-one carrier can take the place of a variety of specialty vehicles in your fleet, including:

  • Fanhandler
  • Pipe hander
  • Tire changer
  • Crane truck
  • Flat deck carrier
  • Full use scissor lift

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The universal platform for today’s most successful underground utility vehicles

With multiple functions available, this unit is built with safety interlocks programmed into the PLC (programmable logic controller) to reduce boom speed when the deck is lifted from the deck stops. The standard model is equipped with Marcotte’s exclusive hose management system.

Variants of the Multi-Minejack vehicle have been developed on our M35, M40 and M60 base platforms.

The front and rear frame weldments of the carrier are covered by our 8 year warranty against manufacturing or design defects.

For more information about the evolutional Multi- Minejack® Utility Vehicle product line, download the following product information: