The Timberland Group

Marcotte ‘Minejack®‘ Carriers

Heavy duty diesel powered articulated four wheel drive vehicles in a broad range of sizes and frame configurations

Since their introduction in the mid-sixties, ‘Minejack® Carriers’ have earned a solid reputation for performance and durability. This reputation for tough, hard-working equipment is backed by our experience in building over 30,000 heavy duty articulated frame off-road vehicles for the mining and logging industries.

Timberland Equipment Ltd. acquired the ‘Minejack®‘ product line from Timberjack in 1992. In 1995, Timberland purchased Marcotte Mining Machinery Services Inc. in Sudbury. Marcotte was a major customer for the ‘Minejack® Carrier’ which is used as the basis for its wide range of Underground Mine Utility Vehicles. Shortly thereafter, production of the ‘Minejack® Carrier’ was moved from Timberland in Woodstock to Marcotte in Sudbury, bringing complete control of engineering, manufacturing, parts and service of Underground Mining Vehicles under one roof.

Before you make a move with new equipment, take a close look at the Minejack® Carriers.

Original ‘Minejack®‘ Carrier

Previous ‘Minejack®‘ Carrier


Introducing the NEW Generation ‘Minejack®‘ Carrier

The RAM40 is our new standardized front carrier. The RAM40 is designed to accommodate our entire fleet of underground utility vehicles, and customers can integrate either low horsepower, high horsepower, Tier 4 or our new Siemens battery drive package.

® Minejack is a registered trademark of Marcotte Mining Machinery Services Inc.