Mobile Minejack® Explosive Carrier Utility Vehicles

Explosive units are commonly used in underground blasting operations because their precise loading enables mine crews to break rock in the desired manner. No other unit can measure up to the speed, reliability and safety of Marcotte explosive carriers for delivery and pumping of high explosive emulsion or ANFO into blast holes.

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With their simple, user-friendly functions, excellent range of coverage and in-depth safety features, one to two operators can easily handle all your ANFO and emulsion-loading tasks. With the capacity to have two tanks on the unit, our ANFO units allow for extended loading sorties.

Marcotte explosive carriers are also offered with an integrated manbasket boom or a scissor lift package. ANFO loaders are available in small portable sizes as well as larger mobile vehicles designed to work in conjunction with hoppers for transporting and loading dynamite materials pneumatically.

The flexibility of our large range of standard features makes Marcotte emulsion units the industry’s number one choice in any operating conditions. We will work closely with your choice of emulsion supplier to integrate the most productive packages into your Marcotte carrier.

The front and rear frame weldments of the carrier are covered by our 8 year warranty against manufacturing or design defects.

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