The Timberland Group

Marcotte Repair Parts Programs

The Marcotte repair parts programs are designed to minimize downtime and simplify the transition of repair components between you and Marcotte Mining.

  • Only you have the power to approve the repair
  • We only use original OEM parts
  • We provide a Warranty of 6 months or 1000 operating hours
  • Complete failure analysis on all components is done to understand the root cause

Marcotte offers two program options to suit the needs of your underground utility fleet for axles, transmissions, transfer cases, torque converters, and differentials. Both programs offer a:

“Repair and Return” Program

Our on-site Component Repair Centre will inspect your damaged part and provide you with an accurate price for repair. Upon your approval, we will repair your originally supplied part and return it to you when completed.

“Modified Exchange” Program

Our modified exchange program consists of readily available refurbished components. Upon notification of failure or break down, we will immediately ship you a repaired component from inventory. When the replacement has been installed and your original part has been removed, simply return the core to us. This core will then be repaired and returned to our exchange program inventory. This alternate to the repair and return of a damaged part lowers your downtime.