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OK Champion Cable Scrappers & Underground Pullers

The rugged versatility and superior design of the OK Champion pulling frame ensure reliable performance and simplified processes for duct reclamation, cable removal and scrapping, and pulling cable. Click here for our downloadable brochures for the SCMCV 2000, CP2000, and CP9800, or see below for more information  
 SCMCV2000 IMG_0472  CP9800

SCMCV2000 Cable Scrapper



Finding an environmentally friendly method of scrapping cable as a seamless step during duct reclamation cable removal projects is accomplished with the high production hydraulically driven Cable Scrapper.  The 25,000 lbs. of pulling force ensures that all conventional cables, including armored cable, are easily accommodated. Combining the trusted technology of the OK Champion articulating boom with the pulling frame and heavy duty winch, Timberland manufactures Pullers that will enable you to efficiently maneuver into tight spaces and extend deep into vaults for your cable pulling operations.  The CP2000 achieves an arc of 180 degrees and an 8,000 lb. pulling capacity. With a pulling capacity of up to 25,000 pounds and an articulating boom capable of extending up to 32′ with a 45 degree arc off the side or rear of the truck, the CP9800 is ideal for placing cable in hard-to-reach places.   The wireless remote control allows the operator to position the pulling frame from inside the vault, ensuring an accurate and efficient operation.