The Timberland Equipment Model T50H/52 DD BWRC hydraulic tensioner / reel carrier is designed for conductor stringing, reconductoring and groundwire installation at infinitely adjustable tensions from 1,000 lbs. to 5,000 lbs. Each component of this hydraulic tensioner / reel carrier has been designed to withstand rough field service throughout years of stringing operations. The frame is a heavy-duty weldment of thick-walled structural steel, which maintains the critical alignment of the bullwheel and brake discs. The open sided bullwheel frame design facilitates the threading of line. The bullwheels are hydraulically controlled providing smooth infinite adjustment and eliminating conductor surge. A pressure gauge and performance chart, mounted on a control panel, are provided to indicate the tension in the conductor.

A 3-roller fairlead with rubber lined rollers mounted on roller bearings is located to ensure the conductor is guided from the reel shaft to the entrance groove. The reel shaft is Timberland's quick reel change design. The reel shaft is mounted on replaceable full circle bronze sleeve bearings with grease fittings.


• Precise hydraulic control
• Canted bullwheels to eliminate torsional stress on conductor
• Central operator’s panel with tension chart
• Quick change reel shaft system
• 406 mm (16”) diameter bronze disc brake on reel stand
• 3 roller tail fairlead
• Tandem axle trailer with electric brakes
• Front and rear drop-leg jacks
• Anchor lugs


• Hydraulic reel stand brake



• Maximum reel diameter 2438 mm (96”)
• Maximum reel width 2438 mm (96”)
• Maximum reel width with hydraulic rewind 1320 mm (52”)
• Maximum reel weight 5669 kg (12,500 lbs)
• Reel shaft diameter 66 mm (2 5/8”)
• Maximum continuous tension 2224 daN (5000 lbs) @ 6.4 kph (4 mph)
• Bullwheel diameter 1320 mm (52”)
• Groove diameter 38 mm (1.5”)
• Number of grooves per bullwheel 5