Stringing and tensioning equipment for fiber-optic applications

The global leader in conductor stringing for the electrical industry brings the same expertise and experience to the installation and maintenance of fiber-optic lines. Timberland designs and builds a complete range of small and large pullers for fiber-optic applications, including truck- and pole-mounted models.

Timberland Equipment fiber-optic pullers provide dependable overpull protection for the cable, as standard. The operator controls provide operators with ease and precision for maximum productivity in the field.

• Fully hydraulic drive system
• Infinitely variable speed and linepull control
• Automatic overpull protection system
• Single axle trailer mounted with electric trailer brakes and highway lighting package
• One front and two rear jacks
• Free wheeling disconnect
• Bronze disc overspin brake
• Operator’s seat and protective screen

• Hydraulic front jack
• Diesel engine
• Chart recorder printer

• Max. continuous torque: 31,000 in.-lbs.
• Average linespeed: 3 mph
• Max. continuous linepull: 1,300 lbs.*
• Drum diameter: 44 inches
• Drum width: 32.5 inches
• Drum capacity, synthetic rope: 18,000 ft of 3/8”
• Power (gasoline): 20 HP Air Cooled

• Length: 14 ft.
• Width: 7 ft. 6 in.
• Height: 6 ft. 5 in.
• Weight: 5,000 lbs.