The DP75E is a trailer mounted drum puller used for overhead conductor installation. It has variable linespeed and linepull control from zero to the maximum performance of the machine and is powered by a 605 volt rechargeable battery bank for zero emission, quiet operation. The unit incorporates the Timberland Quick-Change Reel Shaft System.

• Continuous torque rating of 177,400 in.-lbs.
• Continuous line pull rating of 7,500 lbs. with 11,500 ft; of 5/8” rope on the reel
• 0 – 3 M.P.H. pulling speed with infinite speed control
• Pulling operations are completely electronically controlled

Reel Capacity
• Maximum reel diameter capacity is 72 in
• Maximum reel width capacity is 54 in.
• Maximum reel weight capacity is 6,000 lbs

Reel Shaft
• The reel shaft is 3 1/2 inches in diameter
• Equipped with a reel drive arm with 2 adjustable drive pins, a clamp type locking collar and lifting loops.
• The reel shaft is mounted on replaceable full circle bronze sleeve bearings with grease fittings for smooth operation and long life.
• The reel shaft is designed for quick reel change. The reel and shaft are lifted straight up with no side shift required to remove the assembly. No tools or adjustments to the electronic drive system or over spin brake are required.

Electric Reel Drive
• The reel drive incorporates electrical drive that allows the operator to infinitely vary the linespeed and linepull for safe, positive control during the pulling operation
• The maximum desired linepull can be preset prior to pulling so that the reel drive will stall if a restriction to the line occurs, avoiding damage to the conductor, towers, and hardware
• Electronic holding brake control
• The reel drive is equipped with disconnect pin which will allow the reel to freewheel independently of the electronic drive system

Control Console
A panel is positioned in the center of the trailer’s tongue for optimum operator visibility and safety. It includes:
• Timberland’s advanced electronic control display allows the operator to set the linepull accurately by using a toggle switch mounted atop the directional control
• Electronic reel direction and speed controller includes an anti-payout stop so the operator can return the unit to neutral safely without going into payout from the pull in position
• Electronic toggle switch for electric levelwind, controls the left to right movement of the levewind
• Line pull is displayed in “Real Time” during the pulling operation and can be recorded at that time but download at a later time for review
• Operator’s welded wire protective screen
• Deluxe, padded operator’s seat with horizontal and vertical adjustments


 Tandem axle set with 16,000 lbs capacity (17,600 GVWR), spring leaf type with electric brakes and a break away switch
• Two break away safety chains with hooks
• Four ST 215/75R17.5 tires
• LED highway lighting with a dual tail light system, one for turn light and one for brake light
• Reflective tape as required by NHTSA
• Electric tongue and rear jacks
• Electric controlled overhead levelwind for the pulling rope
• 3” pintle hitch adjustable to 4 height positions using pin type connections which do not require tools for adjustment
• Manual holder
• The trailer frame and tongue are constructed of tubular steel and fully welded
• Heavy-duty checker plate fenders with mud flaps
• The unit is sandblasted, primed and painted with two coats of paint