Pilot line winders for distribution conductor stringing

Timberland Equipment pilot line winders are designed to match the length of pulls required for your project. We supply synthetic rope systems for distribution-class work, and wire rope systems for transmission-class work. Our model range include single-drum pullers up to 4-drum systems.

Distribution systems are designed for pole mounting to allow installation of pilot ropes one day and pulling at a later date with the rope and equipment mounted out of reach from vandalism.


• Four proven hydrostatic pulling systems with infinitely variable linespeed and linepull control.
• Skid mounted suitable for truck or trailer mount versions
• 5,000 lbs. of continuous linepull on each of four full drums.
• Heavy duty reels each with capacity for up to 30,000 ft. of 3/8” swaged steel wire rope.
• Spring applied, hydraulic pressure released holding brakes on each reel.
• Engraved operator’s console panel.
• 30,000 lbs. capacity front winch (for front mount version) with two speed ranges.
• Two heavy duty rear hydraulic stabilizers with lock valves.
• Four automatic diamond leadscrew levelwind systems for even spooling of rope onto reels.
• Freewheeling disconnect with 36 inch bronze disc brake on each reel.
• Quick change reel shaft system for ready reel removal and installation.