The 3505 tensioner module is designed to provide higher conductor stringing tension than possible from braked reel stands. It can be pole mounted, truck or trailer base plate mounted and is to be used in conjunction with a suitable conductor reel let off stand.

The dual 20” single “V” groove bullwheels are lined with moulded neoprene. The groove will accommodate conductors up to 4/0 Penguin. Tension brakes on each bullwheel are 10” diameter discs with fine control hydraulic calipers. Adjustment of tension is by means of a simple hand control.


• Continuous Rated Tension: 1000 lbs. @ 3 mph/hr
• Intermittent Rated Tension: 1500 lbs.
• Weight: 250 lbs.
• Length O.A. 40”
• Width O.A. 16”
• Height O.A.: 36”
• Input Fairlead: Standard
• Mounting Chain and Tighteners: Standard