The Timberland Group

Shaft Sinking & Tunneling

Timberland provides custom engineering and manufacturing capabilities under one roof to supply personnel-rated and general-purpose hoists, controls and drive systems designed to suit your specific requirements.

A few of our products are highlighted below. Contact us for your specific needs.


Shaft Sinking Hoists

Copper & Gold Mine – Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Shaft Sinking Hoists

Set of 50 ton winches, set of 75 ton winches; each set with it’s own control system, variable frequency drives and sheave packages.

These hoists work together to raise and lower a working platform that progressively increases the shaft depth. The winches are electrically powered with PLC controlled variable frequency drives. The winches have a working rope capacity of 5,341 ft. (1628 m) of 2-1/8″ (54 mm) wire rope on SSK1000’s with 75 hp drives; 5,618 ft. (1712 m) of 2.4″ (60 mm) wire rope on SSK1500’s with 100 hp drives

Production Hoists

Aquaduct Construction – New York, USA

Personnel & Production Hoists

15-ton winch, 20-ton winch, 200 hp AC drives; personnel-rated system & general purpose material handling