The Timberland Group

Production, Service, Personnel & Emergency Escape

Timberland provides years of leadership in the design and manufacture of equipment for ongoing work in mining and shaft projects. We offer a complete range of custom hoists including production hoists, service hoists, personnel hoists and emergency egress hoists.

We are one of the few companies in the world providing personnel-rated equipment which meets strict safety standard codes throughout the world, including MSHA requirements.

A few of our products are highlighted below. Contact us for your specific needs.


Silver Mine – Chihuahua, Mexico

Double Drum Production Hoist

Fully electric with variable frequency drives for precise operator control in a high production application

Personnel Rated Hoists

Uintaite Mine – Utah, USA

Four personnel-rated hoists

7080 lbs. @ 300 fpm on 1st layer; Lebus drum 40 x 36″ W x 48″ flange; 3/4″ dia. wire rope – 75 HP VFD

Mine Rescue Hoist

Coal Mine – Kentucky, USA

Mine Rescue Hoist

Hoist, swinger and man cage for emergency personnel egress

Portable Mine Rescue System

Coal Mine – Huinan, China

Portable Mine Rescue System

Truck-mounted hoist with diesel HPU, truck, telescoping boom crane, man cage for emergency personnel escape

Service Hoist

Nickel Mine – Sudbury, Canada

Service Hoist

Personnel-rated service hoist with 650 hp DC drive