The Timberland Group

Engineered Solutions For Bridge & Dam Construction

Some of the world’s leading construction firms rely on Timberland hoists, winches and controls to handle their largest lifting projects.

A few of our products are highlighted below. Contact us for your specific needs.


Segment Lift System

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge – California, USA

Segment Lift System

16 x 50 tonne hoists with HPU’s and precision synchronized control system

Four sets of four barge-mounted hoists were floated out into San Francisco Bay to lift bridge segments into position as the bridge was being erected. Extremely precise synchronization was needed to keep the sections level so the lifts could be completed within the limited sheer load capacity of the bridge section lift points. Control system feedback included inclinometers to maintain precise positioning despite changing current and tide conditions.

Cable Crane Winch System

Hoover Dam By-Pass – Nevada USA

Cable Crane Winch System

High-speed traction hoists, hydraulic power units for two 50-ton cable cranes

Timberland designed and manufactured all the winches for this cable crane high-lift system used to construct the Hoover Dam By-Pass. This custom-engineered project was completed in an accelerated timeframe to replace a previous cable crane (supplied by others) that failed due to wind loading. In addition to the high-lift trolley system, Timberland supplied the hoists for load-lifting and the double-drum mast luffing hoists.

Spud Winch System

Olmsted Dam – Illinois, USA

The US Army Corps of Engineers selected “in-the-wet” construction for this dam. Sections of the dam were pre-fabricated on shore and carried out into river to be set in place. Timberland supplied the spud winches for an Aqua Digger dredge which is used to prepare the dam site. A catamaran barge transported 32 different sections composing the tainter gate section and navigable pass section to the dam location. They were then lowered precisely into place with the assistance of the Timberland snubbing winches.