Bi-directional traction winch system, Model CP390-1-30E
• 39,000 lbs (17,350 daN) maximum linepull
• 20.5 fpm (6.2 m/min) maximum speed
• 1.125” (28.6 mm) wire rope
• 30 h.p. (22 kW) electric motor drive
• Grooved traction winch bullwheels with counterweight take-up tower, return defl ector sheave and car connection sling

Bi-directional traction winch system, Model TR400-2-4x250EH
• 50,000 lbs (22,241 daN) maximum linepull
• 570 fpm (174 m/min) maximum speed
• 1.375” (35 mm) wire rope
• 1000 h.p. (735 kW) electric motor drive
• One hydraulic drive per bullwheel

A Guide to Car-Pulling Systems
Linepull for starting and moving cars is determined on the following basis:

1. Number of cars to be moved, the weight of the cars and their contents.
2. Track grade or slope and curvature it applicable.
3. Track Ballast and condition.
4. Ambient conditions, temperature etc.

Provide us with the above information along with required linespeed, duty cycle distance car (s) are to be moved, operational details, preferred drive (electric hydraulic engine, etc.) and Timberland can design and manufacture a system to your exact requirements or one of our many existing designs may suit your application.

Double Drum TR Traction Type:
The double drum type Carpuller is not restricted to any fixed length of car travel. Bulwheels are grooved and rope is tensioned by a counterweight or adjustable take up sheave. Pull and braking are provided in both-directions.

Timberland Equipment can supply a complete Carpuller Package including all accessories:
• Horizontal, vertical or angled deflector and return sheaves
• Deflector sheaves complete with take up mechanisms
• Two speed or variable frequency drive systems for electric powered units
• Wire or synthetic cable and car attachment slings
• Counterweight towers
• Guide and deflector rollers
• Snatch blocks, hooks, etc.
• Travel limit and slack cable warning/shutdown switches.