Sizes from 10 to 20 ton.
Rugged single drum electric powered hoists for raising and lowering the stages or galloways used in the sinking of shafts for mining or civil construction projects.

15 & 20 ton Personnel Rated Hoists
These 15 and 20 ton Personnel rated hoists 200 hp AC drives; general purpose material handling hoist. These winches have a working rope linespeed of 142 fpm. Single drums with lebus grooves and designed with slack rope detection. It is located in the City of New York.

Double Drum Winch
This winch has a linepull rating of 25,000lbs each with a rope capacity of 280ft. It is used to raise and lower material and for emergency personnel hoisting.

The winches are electrically operated working togther to travel a specific distance with encoder feedback for overspeed and overtravel limits.

Standard Features
• Two independent braking systems
1- Spring Applied brake on motor - 150% rated linepull
2- Counterweight applied brake on drum 150% rated linepull
• Full voltage across the line motor starter
• Efficient electric drive through open gear set

Optional Features
• Variable frequency electric drive motor
• Common control panel for multiple hoists
• Speed/ distance/ overspeed monitoring
• Two independent disk brakes
• SIL rating
• Personnel Rated