The Answer: Timberland Engineering

Engineering has been the driving force behind Timberland since our earliest days. Our success can be attributed to our wide-ranging development of custom products to meet the unique requirements of Timberland customers. Our commitment to engineering excellence is reflected at every level of our management and operations.

The managers and senior consultants of the more than 20 experienced staff in our Engineering and Sales Departments include many with their P.Eng. credentials, while our senior executive team is also led by P.Eng. professionals. This leadership provides Timberland with a professional focus and culture that sets the pace for every facet of the company.

By recruiting the most experienced and most creative engineers into our team, we are able to complete all product and manufacturing design tasks in-house, ensuring the highest level of continuity and accountability in the development of every project. Our staff expertise includes:

  • Mechanical design
  • Hydraulic design
  • Electrical engineering
  • PLC and controls

Over our many years of growth, Timberland engineering has evolved into a well-balanced team of highly experienced professionals and new young graduates, providing an ideal base for mentoring and innovation. Original research and development along with continuous product improvement are an ongoing part of our engineering practice.