The Timberland Group

More experience means smarter solutions in engineered material handling projects

Timberland sees more possibilities in your engineering challenges because we have already seen more solutions for winching, hoisting and tensioning requirements than any other source in the industry.

Our experience lets us bring more insight to create the best possible solution for your needs – quickly. We have handled the heaviest loads, the highest lifts and the most valuable payloads. We have done it on land, on sea and underground. We have done it on every continent and under the most extreme climate conditions.

We have been doing it for more than 60 years.

Give your project a running start

Timberland is ready and willing to share our insights early in the project’s development, when our experience can provide the most value. When your opportunity is greatest and the challenges are still unknown, look to the people who have “been there,” and got the job done before: Timberland people.

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With more than 9,000 projects behind us, our archives provide an invaluable resource for bringing the unique needs of your project into focus quickly. Every engineered solution from Timberland is also a sound business solution.

Our greatest success is the lasting success of our customers.

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